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The Xpro 10 – the perfect pedal for road cyclists, from enthusiasts to competitive athletes. The body of this pedal has been reinforced thanks to a new design and a more durable carbon material. Power transfer and stability are improved with a pedal surface of 725mm2 – 25mm2 larger than the Xpresso (700mm2). The lower fairing was created to improve aerodynamics and protect the carbon blade. The Iclic system has been redesigned to allow for a more positive cleat engagement and to be more comfortable. The adjustable carbon blade has 3 positions of clip-fin tension. Like the Xpresso, the stack height is low, keeping the cyclist’s sole as close to the center of the pedal axle as possible. This, along with the large pedal surface area results in incomparable pedaling efficiency and comfort.


Time technology


Easy clip in with the automatic pre-opening Iclic System (TIME patent).


Only by respecting the natural movements of your legs and joints, with angular and lateral float, as well as precise adjustment to the sensation or “feel” of the float, and with adjustable Q-factor Adjustment, can you decrease the risk of joint trauma and optimize performance following 3 points : security, ergonomics and performance.

Our road pedals have a minimal position (pedal stach height).


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Angular freedomfrom + 5° to – 5° with free foot cleats, 0° with the fixed foot cleats
Axle componentHollow steel axle
BearingsSteel bearings
Body componentCarbon-filled
CleatsATAC Cleats
Contact surface area725 mm2
Distance pedal spindle / crank arm53 mm
Lateral freedom2,5 mm with free foot cleats, 0 with the fixed foot cleats
Pedal stack height13, 5 mm
Release angle2,5 mm avec les cales mobiles, 0 mm avec les cales fixes
Tension3 different settings of carbon blade
Threading9/16 – 20 inch


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MaterialsCarbon body
AccessoriesICLIC cleats
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