Merida 29″ eOne-Forty 8000 2020


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Carbon was chosen to give the new eONE-SIXTY a super stiff and robust frame, without adding any weight to the overall construction. The carbon fibre frame encompasses an integrated battery and essentially the bike looks a whole lot better.
As a bonus, you can fit a full-size bottle on any frame size. EMTB can be about riding faster and exploring further, but it can also be about getting more trial time in on a post-work ride. And that means throwing a multitool in your pocket, a bottle on your bike and getting out there – quickly. Kudos to Merida for not forgetting that bottles still have their place.
The sleek silhouette of the bike is very impressive!

MERIDA partnered with Shimano to develop the new 504 Wh Shimano STEPS BT-E8035 battery.
Seamless integration is the name of the game here, and the battery is accessed via an easily removable door under the tube; release a rubber tag, slide the door towards the head tube.
The battery is then released with a 4mm Allen key and clip — handily there’s a key secreted neatly into the rear axle.
Charging the battery can be done with the battery still installed, and the on-off button is located on top of the top tube for easy use.

The flagship model comes with a second battery (valued at over $900) and a custom made matching EVOC FR TRAIL E-RIDE backpack. All included to make the price tag a little more ‘friendly’.

Cooling fins / Thermo gate
To guarantee the optimum operating temperature of the battery, the machined aluminium THERMO GATE allowes the warm air to dissipate through the openings near the head tube. This enables the battery to perform at its best, in any condition.

The geometry of the new eONE-SIXTY has been slightly adjusted. The head angle has been slackened to 65.5°, and the 75.5° seat tube angle has steepened slightly for improved climbing capabilities.
Climbing to the top of the trail-head is no problem at all, the bike simply shrugs off even the steepest and most technical climbs. The steeper seat tube angle seems to have paid off, the riding position isn’t cramped and remains nicely centred.

Mixed wheel size
Noticeably more lively, agile and precise thanks to the narrower tires on the mixed wheel sizes (29×2.5″/27.5×2.6″) as well as the refined geometry. Flicking, whipping, and playing – whether on the trail or in the air, the bike feels right at home whatever the terrain, easily manoeuvring tight corners while staying calm and composed at higher speeds and always remaining in control with the plush and capable FOX suspension offering plenty of reserves.

Suspension is handled by Rock Shox , with a Pike 140mm fork. Both fork and shock offer high- and low-speed compression and rebound damping.
Early in its stroke the suspension is supple, not only boosting comfort over smaller stutter bumps, but also helping the Minion DHR II to maintain plenty of traction. This is obviously a benefit on descents and climbs.

There is also the large, dragon-like chainstay protector – for a better, quieter ride.