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A superb fit, with adjustable arch support to help optimize comfort and enhance pedaling efficiency. The SuperNatural Fit Kit combines a cycling-specific footbed with an adjustable arch support system that allows riders to choose the amount of support needed – creating a custom fit right out of the box. They’re compatible with most brands of cycling footwear. The SuperNatural Fit Kit is also recommended by Retul™, the most advanced bike fit system available today. 

The Giro SuperNatural Fit System combines a bike-specific footbed with an ingeniously easy adaptable arch support. The fit and the hold of the heel get improved and the foot stays as near as possible on the pedal. Typical problems like hypersensitive spots, numbness and cramping appeare more rarely or even no more longer at all. 

The Aegis® Microbe Shield is an antibacterial barrier, which is integral with the support material. It uses the power of small electrically charged particles to suppress the spread of bacteria. The shoe does not absorb odor and stays “fresh”. 

The 3 included different arch support your individual choice. The chosen arch gets attached with velcro strip to the SuperNatural Fit footbed. Through them fit and comfort can be individually adapted: Large (red) = maximum height, Medium (orange) = medium height and Small (green) = lowest heigh