Shimano Shoe ME2 (ME200) 2018




With a high level of durability and astonishing comfort, the Shimano ME2 (ME200) MTB Shoes are perfect for those getting in to mountain biking. Designed as an entry level MTB shoe, both fit and performance delivers exceptional value for money, giving you the ultimate first experience when hitting the trail.


Capable of keeping you on the pedals all day, the ME2 boast three durable hook and loop straps to provide a safe and secure fit. As you take in the views, the synthetic leather upper also works to keep your foot snug and the strap design reduces tension as you put your power on the pedals.


Capable both as an offroad cycling shoe and a walking shoe, the cross X-strap offers a stable foot hold when you want to up the ante and hit the trail on the bike. With a glass fibre reinforcement to transfer power to the pedals, durable rubber trad gives superb traction when you slow things down on foot.

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Three durable hook and loop straps for even and sure fit

Cross X-strap offers firm and stable foot hold during pedalling

Durable rubber tread offers excellent traction for walking

Glass fibre reinforced midsole for power transfer

Synthetic leather upper

Strap design optimised for relieving tension in foot during push off motion

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